Top 10 Famous kids birthday party themes

Famous birthday party themes

Theme-based birthday parties are one method to commemorate a child’s birthday in a unique way. To make their child’s special day unforgettable, parents look for imaginative and exciting birthday themes for kids every year. Sometimes it can be confusing to plan a birthday party with a theme because there are so many options. This collection of top 10 kid’s birthday party themes will motivate you to start the celebration!

  1. Jungle Safari theme
  2. Unicorn theme
  3. Mermaid theme
  4. Frozen theme
  5. CoComelon theme
  6. Micky Mouse theme
  7. Space theme
  8. Car theme
  9. Butterfly theme
  10. Football theme

1. Jungle Safari theme:

Jungle safari theme

Almost all children are fascinated by animals for some reason. They enjoy playing with animals. It’s the best way to celebrate your child’s birthday with this popular party theme, “Jungle Safari.” The decor for this Jungle Safari theme is simple and neat, giving your children the impression that they are in an actual jungle. Plan everything to make the jungle theme party more authentic so that your children and guests will always remember that day.

2. Unicorn theme:

Unicorn theme

Why do kids love unicorns so much? Due to the enchantment, flying, and allure of unicorns. This unicorn-themed party is the perfect choice if you have a penchant for the magical and fantastical. A suitable setup is necessary for a unicorn party. Choosing vibrant and imaginative party decorations is a treat because this birthday theme is all about magical ponies with the charm of fairy tales.

3. Mermaid theme:

Mermaid theme

Mermaid parties are a fun and well-liked party theme. The underwater environment and mythological sea creatures like mermaids captivate young children. This party will take your guests into a fantastical oceanic world with its quirky and magical ambiance. Purple and sea green combined brilliantly will give the impression that your party venue is underwater! Mermaids can be included in every step of party planning, including invitations, gifts, decorations, and desserts.

4. Frozen theme:

Frozen theme

One of the popular girl’s birthday themes is “Frozen.” The winter wonderland look from the all-time Disney hit Frozen can add shine to your princess’s birthday celebration. To replicate the icy atmosphere, use lots of blue and white decor, printed or 3D Frozen characters, artificial snow, and sparkling snowflakes. For the final touches on the event, either order an Olaf-shaped birthday cake or add Mr.Olaf as the cake topper to jolly up Winter.

5. CoComelon theme:

CoComelon theme

The well-liked children’s show CoComelon is a fantastic theme for a birthday party because it’s imaginative and provides a variety of interesting decoration options. Rainbows and colours are frequently used in the entertainment show CoComelon, so bright colour birthday balloons can be used to embellish the space. 

6. Mickey Mouse theme:

The two Disney characters that kids recognize and love the most are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. This themed birthday party will be a hit with the kids and visitors because these cartoon characters are so cute and endearing. Adorn your home or party area with wonderful Mickey Mouse balloons and Disney characters and buy a cake and cupcakes with a Mickey Mouse design.

7. Space theme:

Space theme

If your kid is a great space enthusiast and dreams about being an astronaut, you can arrange an awesome space-themed party for his birthday. This theme is typically decorated in shades of blue, silver, and black. To make any space party a huge success, choose invitations with graphics of space or rockets and choose the proper menu, decor, and games.

8. Car theme:

The popular boy’s toy is acknowledged to be cars. However, choosing it as a party theme is a special present you can give to your child. There are numerous ways to organize a party with a car theme. You can send a miniature Hot Wheels-style toy car together with your invitation, and brighten up the party space with red and black decor. You may also include some enjoyable theme party games.

9. Butterfly theme:

Butterfly theme

All girls will like this party theme, whether they are turning one or ten and this butterfly-themed birthday decor is a wonderful choice for a happy occasion. Here are a few ideas for your decor: A cake in the shape of a butterfly would go perfectly with the party theme, and you can adorn the party space with vibrant birthday balloons and decorate the party area with lights in the shape of butterflies.

10. Football theme:

Football theme

If your kid is a fan of football and is celebrating a birthday soon, this football party will make their special day the best one. Hosting a party with a football theme is the ideal activity for a kid who is passionate about football. Set the stage by including a colour scheme that celebrates your child’s favorite team or choose a traditional green and white football colour design.


Everyone who attends your child’s party will have lasting memories if it includes one of the top 10 kid’s birthday party themes listed above. Consider your child’s age and interests while selecting the theme for their birthday party.

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