Top 10 list of Indian birthday cake flavours

Indian cake flavours

Undeniably the most typical item you’ll see at any celebration is cake. It might be a birthday party, get-together, wedding ceremony, or farewell. These special moments are always near and dear to our hearts since each slice of cake is exchanged as a way of expressing happiness and love. No one in the entire world, regardless of age, can possibly say “NO” to cake which explains why people’s love for cake has not changed even after years.

A slice of freshly-made, spongy creamy cake that melts down in our mouths in a matter of seconds is the most rejuvenating part of any celebration. You have plenty of different kinds of flavors that you can choose from, but that’s what makes it hard for you to decide. No worries! We’re here to guide you pick from the top 10 best cake flavours in India, especially for birthdays which the dessert-making world has offered us with.

  1. Black forest cake
  2. White forest cake
  3. Red velvet cake
  4. Choco truffle cake
  5. Rasmalai cake
  6. Kitkat cake
  7. Ferrero rocher cake
  8. Lotus biscoff cake
  9. Rainbow cake
  10. Choco lava cake

1. Black forest cake:

Black forest cake

Black forest cake tops the list of the best cake flavors in India thanks to its combination of chocolatey, icy, creamy, moist, and fruity texture. Layered with plenty of chocolate sponge cake, fluffy white cream being whipped, cherries, and cherry syrup between the layers develops a flavour that glides through your tongue and leaves you speechless for days. As they were originated from Germany, every bite takes you back to the lush beauty of the country’s mountain.

It has a luscious chocolate and vanilla flavor, and at the end, they are coated in white cream. For a spectacular appearance, their tops are adorned with whipped cream icing and more cherries, chocolate shavings, or chocolate ganache, depending on your preferences.           

If you’re planning a birthday party with a chocolate theme, make this black forest cake your first choice. Further, they are readily available in all Indian shops, which is helpful if you are planning a party at the last minute. Then what’s holding you back? Go ahead and enjoy this tempting dessert cake to the fullest.

Black forest cake costs between 500 – 800 rupees per kilogram.

2. White forest cake:

White forest cake

This magnificent white forest cake can tempt your taste buds and comes in second on our list of the best Indian cake flavors. Similar to a black forest cake, this dessert features multiple layers of fluffy cake, spongy cream that is whipped and filled with cherries. But now the hero steps in; Dark chocolate is swapped with layers of white chocolate or vanilla sponge cake, and white chocolate is used in place of dark. In addition, the cake is moistened with cherry syrup or cherry kirsch sauce after being filled with freshly made white chocolate cream and cherries. White chocolate ganache, plain or sour cherries, and white chocolate whipped cream frosting are added as toppings to increase its enticement. It looks much more appealing when the edges are sprinkled with white chocolate flakes or shavings.

White forest cake is a great option if you really don’t like chocolate but want something yummy that tastes like a black forest. As it is spongier, juicier, chewier, and tastier all at once and creates memories with your loved ones’ birthday truly unforgettable, white forest cake will be your dream celebrating dessert.

3. Red velvet cake:

Red velvet cake

Do you wish there was a cake that could elegantly express what you’re feeling without using words? Red velvet cake is the first and foremost suggestion you will get from me! This red velvet cake is among the best cake flavours in India for birthdays, valentine’s day, love, and wedding anniversaries due to its rich buttery consistency, mild cocoa flavor, and sweet vanilla flavor that even suits your budget. They are stacked with damp red velvet cake that has been baked fresh from the oven, is made with cocoa powder and buttermilk, and whipped with either white cream or cheese cream to ensure a velvety crumb. The great finishing touch would be some strawberries and a sprinkling of red velvet powder on top of the cream cheese frosting and fresh cream coatings. It is available in many different forms, notably hearts, rounds, and cupcakes.

Red velvet has a notable crimson color that is typically a symbol of love, passion, and feelings for someone special. Due to their exquisite beauty, they can be a banquet for the eyes and will undoubtedly shock your palate of sweetness. Don’t lose this chance to make your special someone’s birthday even happier by adding a romantic twist. And I’m pretty sure you’ll make their day unforgettable if you amaze them with a red velvet cake, a bunch of red roses, and a card.

4. Choco truffle cake:

Choco truffle cake

The definition of any celebration is the chocolate truffle cake, also known as dutch truffle cake, is made with six layers of squishy chocolate cake followed by a luscious bittersweet chocolate or custard filling. Similar to how you spread joy, chocolate ganache that is produced by carefully combining semi-sweet chocolate with heavy whipping cream is spread over the exterior of the chocolate truffle cake. They are further adorned with chocolate icing, chocolate chips, or cherries to trigger your tempt. This is bound to be an absolute hit with the crowd! Every mouthful of this cake is going to awaken you as it doesn’t include any buttercream, contributing to its sensory experience.

Chocolate truffle is one of the best cake flavors in India to surprise your loved one who is a genuine fan of chocolate and yearns to try something more than traditional chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, for their birthday or for any special occasion. With its marvelous ganache, mouthwatering fillings, and breathtaking toppings, this chocolate truffle cake is definitely worth trying.

5. Rasmalai cake:

Rasmalai cake

Are desserts and cakes two different things you love? Just merge the depths of your love into the combination of both worlds. Rasmalai cake, to put it simply, is an exquisite delight that consists of cake and rasmalai (sweetened paneer that has been steeped in thickened milk). Rasmalai, which means “juicy and creamy,” describes this dessert perfectly. The fluffy, incredibly squishy-sweet texture you get from just one bite is the outcome of combining multiple layers of sponge cake flavored with cardamom, rose water, or saffron; the cake base bathed in rasmalai dhoodh; coating of smooth whipped cream flavored with rose or saffron and garnished with juicy rasmalai, dry rose petals, minced almonds or pistachios.

When served with some rasmalai milk drizzled over the slice, will undoubtedly gives you goosebumps as well travels you to another universe. Choosing interesting, unique flavors is a good idea; once trying this rasmalai cake, it’ll become your go-to choice for an Indian birthday cake, an anniversary, or even a house party.

6. Kitkat cake:

KitKat cake

The most well-known chocolate-covered wafer bar in the world goes by the name KitKat, and it comes in a variety of flavors, including blueberry muffin, fruity cereal, lemon crisp, raspberry creme, and gingerbread cookie. You only need to slice them now rather than split them into pieces. Yes! KitKat cake, also known as hot tub cake, has been in the spotlight recently. Delicate chocolate or vanilla cake is stuffed between two layers of icing made of chocolate and then covered in the same frosting. With the help of a thick layer of chocolate icing, KitKat bars are finally placed around them. Crushed KitKat bars and other candy, such as M&Ms, gems, and chocolate balls, are placed on top of the cake and wrapped with ribbon to give it a final look. The cake’s scrumptious taste and smooth, silky texture are among the best Indian cake flavors.

This KitKat cake would be enchantingly ideal for any special occasion for your loved ones, whether it be a welcome party, naming ceremony, anniversary, birthday, or other event. KitKat cakes are unique cake desserts in a classic candy way. At least once in your life, indulge in this wonderful taste.

7. Ferrero rocher cake:

Ferrero rocher cake

When compared with your love for your loved one, spending a little additional money is not an issue. Speaking of which, this is the most popular chocolate-Ferrero rocher cake flavor in India. It is an tempting treat for Ferrero lovers and makes the ideal chocolate delight for the celebration of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, betrothal functions, and even puberty ceremonies.

This three-layer cake has squidgy chocolate hazelnut praline with chunks of Ferrero along with perfect drizzle of nutella chocolate butter cream and crisp-crunch wafers. The fluffy cake has been coated by nutella cream and finished with chocolate ganache, nutella frosting, ferrero chocolates, and some sliced hazelnuts to give it the appearance of having butterflies in your stomach. The tender silky smooth decadent cake will make you hanker for more indulgent Ferrero treat!

8. Lotus biscoff cake:

Lotus biscoff cake

The texture of the Lotus biscoff cake is delightfully distinct from all the other listed best cake flavors in India for birthdays since it is made of brown crunchy caramelized biscuits. The terms “biscuit” and “coffee” paved the door for biscoff cookies, which have a creamy flavour of real spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. The Lotus biscoff cake is made using three different types of biscoff, namely Biscoff Namelaka, Biscoff Cookies, and Biscoff Mousse.

A mouthwatering biscoff buttercream and biscoff crumbs are put on top of each layers of this inviting squidgy brown sugar cake. It has a smooth coating of silky biscoff buttercream and drizzled with melted cookie butter to create the irresistible dripping effect with lotus biscoff crumbs and biscuits. Each spoonful has a particular soft touch of the flavors of cinnamon, brown sugar, caramel, and winter spices, making them the ideal delicacy for a birthday, house party, or other special occasion. You can also simply enjoy them while drinking coffee.

9. Rainbow cake:

Rainbow cake

Do you know that the moon and the sky are on this list of the best cake flavors in India for birthdays and vacation parties? Yes, an enticing six-color rainbow cake represents the moon while coating frosted sky with stars made of rainbow sprinkles. Also referred to as a colorful layered cake, it is the ideal choice for a party with lots of fun or for your child’s birthday. Your heart will be warmed by a slice of cake with the rainbow colors purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red; crowned with icing in vanilla flavor, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate shards, or colorful sponge crumbs. This visually appealing rainbow cake has a squishy, spongy, and sensitive texture that will make your eyes glisten and brighten your celebration table.

10. Choco lava cake:

Choco lava cake

Named for the molten chocolate center that results from slightly undercooking, this chocolate lava cake is additionally known as molten chocolate cake. This cake comprises a soft, cakey layer of chocolate on the outside and a thick, gooey middle made of either dark or semi-sweet chocolate that oozes out when it is cut. They are then topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberries before being dusted with powdered sugar. Due to its tempting natural chocolate flavor, this cake makes it in this list of the best cake flavours in India. It is a delicious option for any special events, such as loved one’s birthday, wedding anniversary, valentine’s day, or even a romantic meet-up.

Trust me! if you decide to surprise them on their special day at a special location (like a beach, home, or a park) on an idyllic evening where you both are spending time together, this chocolate lava cake will astonish your lover and arouse more emotions than at their typical birthday parties. Just a single chocolate lava cake with gifts and a bouquet of flowers will be more than enough to make memories that will last a lifetime.


Additionally, you can find a wider range of flavors to help you plan a surprise for the people you love, such as Blueberry cheesecake, which has a slightly tangy, creamy texture and a sweet-sour taste of blueberries on top; Tiramisu, which has a squidgy, custardy texture made of mascarpone and a crunch coffee-sweet touch and Oreo cake, which is crunchy and buttery. Fruit overload cake with all of your favorite fruits and pinatta smash cake, where you must use a little hammer to break down the cake’s dark crust to reveal the hidden surprise that may include macaroons, candy, flowers, or even handwritten notes.

Picking the right cake flavor for your loved ones on the right occasion can be difficult at times. Use this list of the best cake flavors in India to help you with your next celebration. Also, let us know which cake flavor is your personal favorite and whether it made to the list? We would really value it if you leave feedback below.

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