Top 10 vegan foods in India

Vegan foods

Indian cuisine is always bursting with herbs and spices. Rich tastes, aromatic spices, and a wide variety of dishes are hallmarks of Indian cuisine. Since many Indian dishes are naturally vegetarian, turning them vegan is quite simple. Here are the top 10 tastiest and simplest list of Indian vegan foods for beginners.

  1. Masala dosa
  2. Chapati and vegetable kurma
  3. Vegetable briyani
  4. Tofu tikka masala
  5. Kofta balls
  6. Rajma chawal
  7. Chana masala
  8. Hara bhara kabab
  9. Avial
  10. Aloo matar

1. Masala dosa:

Indian masala dosa

The enduringly well-liked South Indian breakfast dish known as “dosa” consists of crispy crepes prepared from a batter of fermented rice and lentils. Onion dosa, rava dosa, podi dosa, neer dosa, moong dal dosa (pesarattu), and masala dosa are a few other popular varieties of the dosa dish are served. Out of all of them, masala dosa is a very filling, extremely thin, crispy, and flavorful crepe covered with a mixture of curried potatoes, onions, and spices. This delicious dish is best enjoyed for breakfast or lunch and is served with chutney and sambar. This recipe is suitable for vegans because it contains no animal ingredients in its preparation and might be a good choice at any time.

2. Chapati and vegetable kurma:  

Chappathi with vegetable kurma

This Indian flatbread (chapati) is made using atta flour, which is whole wheat flour in India. Curries and dal pair well with this Indian flatbread.  In addition, the kurma is prepared by simmering parboiled vegetables in a mixture of coconut paste, tempered spices, onion, and tomatoes. A serving of veggies and some whole wheat chapati provide a healthy, fiber and nutrient-rich meal that is perfect Indian food for vegans.

3. Vegetable biryani:

Vegetable briyani

One of the most well-liked takeout dishes is biryani, which has rich taste layers and vibrant spices. This veg biryani is a traditional vegetarian Indian food loaded with rice, vegetables, spices, and herbs. In India nowadays, biryani recipes are quite popular since each bite is a joy to the palate! It is both a delicious and filling meal.

4. Tofu tikka masala:

Tofu curry

Tofu is a fantastic alternative to paneer (not vegan food). This tofu tikka masala has a potent blend of spices and this mouthwatering Indian vegan food is bursting with flavors and protein. Tofu tikka masala goes great with rice, naan, or Indian flatbreads. There are many different ways to make it, but they all require a tomato base, a creamy component like yogurt or coconut milk, and a spice mixture called garam masala. For vegans, you can substitute non-dairy yogurt for the yogurt in tofu tikka masala or you can thicken the masala using coconut cream.

5. Kofta balls:

Kofta balls

This recipe can help you fulfill your appetite if you’re trying to eat more meals that are made from plants. Vegetable kofta are scrumptious mini spice bombs made from a variety of veggies, like carrot, potatoes, peas, cauliflower florets, and green beans. This dish gives a filling bite and is suitable for low-carb, vegans, and gluten-free diets.

6. Rajma chawal:

Rajma chawal

The most well-liked food in North India is Rajma Chawal, which is made by combining rajma with rice. In India, the kidney beans are commonly referred to as rajma. These beans have several health benefits and are a rich source of protein. Red kidney beans are the main ingredient in the classic vegan Indian meal with a lot of flavorful spices are used to prepare this curried meal. Serve this tempting meal with rice, chapati, poori, and naan for a savory and healthy lunch.

7. Chana masala:

Chana masala

It is a delicious north Indian curry recipe made with chickpeas, herbs, onions, tomatoes, spices, and other ingredients. Not only north, but it is also very popular throughout India. It tastes fantastic and it is incredibly nutrient-dense and loaded with fiber, protein, and beneficial minerals. Chana is the best Indian vegan food when served with plain or jeera rice, pooris, phulka, naan, or bhatura.

8. Hara bhara kabab:

Hara bhara kabab

One of the most popular kababs in Indian restaurants around the world is “Hara bhara”. This kabab is made with spinach, potatoes, green peas, and a few more spices and herbs. In substitute of the meat-based kabab, it is a healthier option. This spinach potato patties, which are both vegan and gluten-free, are highly addicting and packed with Indian flavors.

9. Avial:


Avial is a famous dish of Kerala and TamilNadu. At special events, this popular vegetarian dish usually comes as a side dish. This signature dish of kerala curry is made enticing by a tasty sauce made from a mixture of coconut, chilli, and cumins. Serve with hot rice, sambar, along with some papadoms for a nutritional and satisfying meal.

10. Aloo Matar:

Aloo matar

Aloo Matar is among the most renowned Indian curry meals, and is made using potatoes and green peas in a tomato puree sauce. This flavorful, economical, and incredibly delicious Indian vegan curry goes well with rice, roti, naan, or puri.

South Indian cuisine is a lovely fusion of delicate spices and herbs. This classic vegan Indian food is definitely worth trying if you enjoy such tantalizing foods.

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