Exploring the top 10 world’s most expensive coffees

Most expensive coffees in the world

One thing is enough to get many individuals to wake up out of bed in the morning. Yes, a hot cup of coffee. It is a necessary component of most people’s everyday routine and is a popular and widely consumed energy drink throughout the world. It is also recognized as an authentic form of art worldwide because of the aroma, flavor, and simple happiness that each cup delivers. Coffee comes in a plethora of options, ranging from inexpensive beans to extremely rare, expensive types. Do you enjoy coffee so much that you would be prepared to shell out a substantial amount of money on high-quality beans? If so, you may find the following list of the top 10 most expensive coffees worldwide useful. Each cup of coffee has a unique flavor profile and remarkable backstory, which add a touch of sophistication to every cup.

  1. Black Ivory Coffee
  2. Ospina Coffee
  3. Finca El Injerto Coffee
  4. Kopi Luwak
  5. Hacienda La Esmeralda
  6. Saint Helena Coffee
  7. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
  8. Fazenda Santa Ines
  9. Molokai Coffee
  10. Los Planes Coffee
  11. Bonus – Hawaiian Kona Coffee

1. Black Ivory Coffee – $3300 per kilogram:

This coffee is made by giving Thai Arabica coffee cherries, which are fed to elephants. The stomach acid of the elephants breaks down the proteins in the coffee cherries as they move through their digestive systems, giving the drink a distinctively strong flavor. Once the elephants have eaten the coffee cherries, the coffee beans are collected from the elephant droppings. To remove impurities, the beans are carefully rinsed and cleaned. The cleaned beans are then dried and roasted. After roasting, the beans are processed and brewed similarly to ordinary coffee. One kilogram of Black Ivory coffee requires 33 kilograms of raw coffee cherries to produce, making it extremely rare and commanding a high price. It is now the most expensive coffee in the world, costing roughly $50 (Rs. 4200) for a single cup.

2. Ospina Coffee – $2500 per kilogram:

According to our list, Ospina Coffee is one of the most expensive and oldest coffee brands in the world, having been cultivated for five generations in Columbia. This coffee is well known for its rich, fragrant beans and commitment to using eco-friendly production techniques. Arabica Typica beans are used to make this coffee, which has fragrant notes of peach, orange, and jasmine with touches of nutty and fruity flavors.

3. Finca El Injerto Coffee – $1100 per kilogram:

Finca El Injerto, the world’s most expensive, excellent, and distinctive coffee, is produced in Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region. The primary reason for its increased cost is that it is made from rich, small, and rare beans. The coffee has a delicate taste because the beans are washed in a single, unique channel and broken twice to improve the grain quality. Due to its outstanding quality and multiple award wins, this brand is a favorite among aficionados.

4. Kopi Luwak – $700 to $1300 per kilogram:

Kopi Luwak

5. Hacienda La Esmeralda – $540 to $700 per kilogram:

It is cultivated in Panama on the slopes of Mount Baru and is renowned for its excellent Geisha varietal coffee beans. The remarkable flavor and rich taste of this unique coffee delicacy will make for an unforgettable experience for connoisseurs. Its high price is a reflection of the expertise and attention that went into its production.

6. Saint Helena Coffee – $494 per kilogram:

This coffee is made from the Green Tipped Bourbon coffee variety and comes from the isolated island of St. Helena, which is 1,200 miles from Africa’s west coast, in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. Napoleon Bonaparte, who was an obsessive coffee lover, utilized the island to cultivate the coffee bean during his exile. The unique growing circumstances and remoteness of the island are responsible for the allure and exclusivity of coffee, which attracts enthusiasts from across the globe. Admirers of St. Helena Coffee are enthralled by its exquisite flavor profile, which combines a fragrant caramel flavor with a hint of citrus.

7. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – $150 to $300 per kilogram:

This coffee, which comes from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, ranks as one of the most sought-after and expensive coffees in the world. Coffee aficionados around the world consider it an amazing find because of its remarkably balanced and smooth flavor. Japan, one of the main importers of this brand, is fond of it. For those looking for an excellent product with a more subtle flavor profile for everyday consumption, this unique coffee is a great choice.

8. Fazenda Santa Ines – $46 to $120 per kilogram:

Fazenda Santa Ines coffee production dates back over 100 years, with its cultivation taking place near the foot of the Mantiquera mountains in Brazil. This coffee has a distinct flavor profile since it is farmed near mountainous areas using natural water springs and high-altitude soil, giving it a very clean flavor. Its sweet taste with caramel undertones and an abundance of fruity flavorings is the standout feature of this coffee, which makes it a popular drink among many people worldwide.

9. Molokai Coffee – $97 per kilogram:

The best state in the US for growing coffee is Hawaii, specifically on the island of Molokai, where this specific coffee is grown. Molokai coffee, also known as Molokai Prime, is known for its exceptional taste and small production, which makes it a sought-after island treasure. Rich and smooth flavor tones are produced by the highly popular Arabica varietal known as Red Catuai, which grows well in the red soils of the Hawaiian Islands.

10. Los Planes Coffee – $89 per kilogram:

Finca Los Planes Coffee is cultivated on their Sergio Ticas Yeyes family’s farm in El Salvador. The fact that this coffee has won multiple awards adds to its popularity. This award-winning coffee, which is among the most expensive in the world, surprisingly comes in a range of tastes, such as brown sugar threads and tangerine with caramel. Due to the tasty refreshment of coffee, many coffee connoisseurs are willing to pay a hefty price, even if it may seem expensive.

Bonus Information:

11. Hawaiian Kona Coffee – $67 to $80 per kilogram:

Hawaiian Kona coffee is one of the most expensive and prominent coffees in the world because it is prepared with a rare kind of bean. It is immensely popular and highly regarded due to its delicious taste and unique flavor profile, which blends a fruity, mildly nutty undertone with a hint of sweetness. In addition, most sellers blend 10% Kona coffee with a 90% less expensive variety due to the limited supply of this particular coffee. If you want to enjoy Hawaiian coffee, make sure you buy and drink only 100% Kona coffee.


It’s not simple to make coffee that tastes the best. Producers will make great efforts to find the best soil and the ideal coffee beans in order to give their product a unique flavor. These coffees are not merely drinks; rather, they are an expression of the skill and passion that go into creating an outstanding cup of coffee. Each of these coffees delivers a story of luxury, love, and level of expertise, whether it is due to the extraordinary flavors, rarity of the beans, or distinctive processing techniques. The above-mentioned lists of expensive coffees around the world have many justifications for their high prices. If anyone has tasted this pricey coffee, share your experience in the comments section.

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